A website is usually a collection of a number of associated and interconnected pages with a user-guided to them by clicking on the links provided on the homepage but this is not the only way that content can be presented. WordPress facilitates the creation of a web presence called one-page website, where there is no need for multiple clicking and instead complete content can be viewed by simply scrolling down. A guide for single-page WordPress websites with their advantages and best themes that can be employed for their creation has been presented here.

Benefits of Single-page Websites

Easy navigation: These entities can provide a better and seamless user experience by increasing engagement enabled by convenient navigation in the form of scrolling down as compared to multiple clicking actions involved in traversing through a multi-page utility.

Increased returns: Control over the order in which information can be accessed by a viewer apart from providing an avenue for simplified narration are other advantages that aid in the optimum utilization of the content and ultimately in the conversion rate.

Faster Loading: Another aspect that gives this format the edge over other web utilities is that the page loading speed is comparatively faster and with the lazy loading feature which means that a piece of information is loaded only when it is needed, such websites are ideal for deployment on mobile devices.

Better optimization chances: All the above-listed factors in one way or the other assist in the process of Search Engine optimization (SEO) and with low development costs, it makes sense to invest in one-page websites in order to generate optimum returns.

The inventiveness and ingenuity of WordPress web development have given rise to various themes that can be used for the purpose of developing these handy, user-oriented web entities and let’s learn about a few of them.

  1. Divi

Creating single-page websites with sidebar navigation is effortless with the drag and drop feature of the Divi Builder which is a front end editor facilitating modifications in real time. Those wishing for a highly personalized website can use the editor for building a new layout with about 46 content element modules for a wide range of functionalities like contact form, video and audio players, social media integration and call to action buttons. Those in a hurry can use the more than 20 layouts provided in the theme for quick development of web pages. It has built-in translation options for 32 languages and also possesses the Right to Left (RTL) support for tongues like Hebrew and Arabic. Coming with extensive documentation, it is offered in two price plans- annual and lifetime both giving a user access to other themes and plugins owned by the theme-developer, for the whole duration of the validity period.

  1. OnePage

Any theme guide for single-page WordPress websites will be incomplete without the mention of this entry comprising of numerous personalization options like a facility for portfolio gallery and a seemingly limitless colour palette. Minimum code of the service aids in quick installation via a single click and the responsive design helps in rapid development of fast loading web utilities with inbuilt SEO friendliness. Parallax scrolling for enhanced visual experience and the very handy floating menu which keeps the menu visible as the user keeps scrolling down provide the improved user experience. An option for translation through the addition of a .po file and functionalities for integrating Google Maps and Twitter are some other qualities of this product. The payment of the requisite fees gives the liberty to use the service on five domains in addition to access to updates and a round the clock support for one year. Video tutorials are also bundled in the package for getting assistance on any issue regarding installation and development.

  1. Hestia

This is a free product which is compatible with some of the best page builders having drag and drop functionality apart from possessing the live customizer which enables the developer to view the modifications made to the color scheme, design or the layout in real time. Mega Menus is easily the most impressive feature of this theme which facilitates the composition of a large menu with subcategories by giving full control to the user over every aspect of its structure and design. The clean source code is optimized for speed and with an SEO- friendly structure along with facilities for translation into different languages by using plugins and RTL compatibility make it a good choice for any business owner. One can run any media in the background without needing to install any extra plugin for the purpose and the complete setup of the service can be installed in as less time as one minute. A customer is assured of assistance in the form of detailed documentation, user forums and video tutorials on downloading the theme.


This guide for single-page WordPress websites will be an eye opener for people who think that such entities are limited in their functionality, uses and effectiveness when instead they can be a powerful tool for businesses with their innate flexibility and versatility.

About Author:

Maddy Jones is a Sr. WordPress Developer at BrandStallion.ae Ltd, a company that provides PSD to WordPress customization and website design in Dubai in a convenient manner. She is a passionate writer and loves to share WordPress relates tutorials.


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