Awesome Pool Toys

There are soooo many people out there, kids and adults, who love to get in the water at any opportunity. What better way to enjoy a splash in the pool than with some great pool toys and gadgets? Let’s take a look at some awesome options you can pick up today!

  1. Floats

The float is loved universally because of the huge variety of styles and designs available. There are all kinds of fun ones for children and more practical ones for adults. You can have a lounger style one, or even a giant multi-person platform, and there are all sorts of attachments and features on different designs. With young children being advised to swim from the age of 4, and optionally even younger than that, some floats can act as a fun learning aid as well.

  1. Pool Volleyball

Pool volleyball uses a net and ball structure the same as normal volleyball. The net is usually either a floating structure or fixed to the outside of the pool though, and the game becomes very different in the water!

  1. Waterproof Speaker

A good waterproof speaker is useful in a lot of different places. They make great pool speakers and can also be used in the bath or shower. A good speaker at a pool lets you get an amazing party going, without the risk of damaging any electronics not meant to get wet. Try it sometime!

  1. Dive/Torpedo Darts

Dive darts are a creative idea which combines fun with learning to swim. They can be used by adept swimmers too and there are different designs and brands out there which sometimes offer different experiences. For adept swimmers it can still be a challenge. The fan base includes many who just use them for fun too.

  1. Pool Beer Pong

A new take on a popular classic, beer pong involves the cups being in a floating platform, so there’s more movement and randomness This one’s fun to play though with some rulesets it might leave a bit of a sore head the next day!

  1. Toss & Catch Net Game

The toss & catch net game uses a pair of nets with protective padding or inflatable surrounds. These kind of resemble lacrosse sticks. From there you toss and catch the small ball.

  1. Super Soakers

Who doesn’t love a classic? The super soaker is MADE to get wet, and when in a pool you’re surrounded by unlimited ammo. Shooting other pool dwellers is fun, especially if you use some floats as cover to create a battleground. You can also get floating targets to aim for, a bit like the fairground water gun game. My favorite is ambushing unexpected people who aren’t in the pool.

  1. Beach Ball

While we’re talking about classics, we couldn’t leave out the beach ball. It’s an icon of playing in the water and still enjoyed by people everywhere. Cheap to buy, just inflate it and let the fun begin!


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