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The opportunity to open your own blog, website or forum is open to anyone nowadays, even for those who do not even know the basics of programming languages.

In this post I will not  going to present the devices or tricks to increase visitors to your blog but I am discussing some legal white hat techniques !

1. The content

“Content is king” (content is king), this means that you can also be very good to advertise a blog, but then if inside the blog anything is not original, well organized and is useless for users, keep it in mind will not return visitors on your blog and if they forget very quickly. But a good content and a little ‘originality are some great traffic magnets. The picture and colors are also equally important.

2. Perseverance

A blog that is updated frequently respects without massive disruption between a post and another. I have set the limit as 10 days as the maximum time between posts. The advice I can give you is to always keep a spare post in case you can not find the inspiration.

3. Social Networking

Social networks (in particular Facebook, Twitter and are veritable mines of visits. I would say that for a blog to have a Facebook page and a Twitter profile today is almost a must to keep the visitors in touch.

4. Write down the URL on the tombstone also

Whenever you send an e-mail always insert URL of your blog, whenever you post anything on your Facebook profile, embed the blog link. Comments on other blogs and forums using your blog link. I think you understand that to get good results you have to spread your blog link as much as possible.

5. Absolutely NO SPAM!!

Avoid the spam – think it as the devil. Really, at first may seem like an effective solution but in the end it turns against you. And instead of positively publicize your blog will have a bad impression.

6. Write, chat, be social!

Contact webmasters of other sites similar to yours. Grab some of the teachings and advice from those who may know more than you. Don’t be shy and come straight to the point.

7. Increase using directories and sites.

Submit your site in major directories. And use sites like, etc.., which provide a little ‘d’ commitment and you can increase your visits choosing the geographic region of origin of users.

8. Monetize but do not overdo it!

Place ads on your site to earn something is not wrong but not exaggerating, I suggest a limit of 3 banners on the site. Avoid pop up to annoy readers. Ah, I was forgetting not to create a blog solely to make money, for what I suggest a serious job, earn a lot more in less time.

9. Check the statistics

I know it can be boring, but you should see what are the times when you have more visits and what are the posts that have the most success in order to better focus and optimize your content to interest.

10. Not always be attached to the computer

Read, listen to music, call friends and family or take a walk in the city! Do not always be 24 hours a day behind your blog. For me, the blog is a hobby.

I hope that these tips are going to help you in increasing visitors to blog in a great way.


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