Everything you need to know about Lab Technician jobs

“What does a medical technician do?” This is the one question which often arises who wants to make a professional career through this field. So, whoever finds experimenting with different blood and tissue fascinating are apt for medical technician jobs. The very basic function of a technician is to perform laboratory tests and procedures which in result are beneficial for the doctors to detect diseases easily. These professionals use different instruments like a microscope, computer or cell counters while doing tests. Medical technicians can be either find in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies or in medical centers.

Educational qualifications required:

  • A candidate must hold a bachelor degree in biology, chemistry or in the relevant field
  • They must complete a high school diploma and an accredited medical lab tech associate degree or certificate program is mandatory
  • Prior and practical experience in the related field is preferable. If you have worked as an assistant under the guidance of lab technician also increases your chances of getting hired

Duties and responsibilities of a technician:

  1. Prepare specimen of blood or fluids of different patients for testing
  2. Label and analyses the samples accordingly
  3. Must ensure the safety of all chemical substances, fluids and compressed gases
  4. Strictly follow the safety guidelines and maintain a clean and orderly environment
  5. Maintain notebooks, preparing orders and invoices and documenting procedures are some of the administrative tasks of the technician
  6. Keep the information of each patient confidential

Qualities and skills required to be a good medical technician:

  • Problem-solving skills:   In this job, a candidate needs to keep an eye on the patients and makes sure that everything is fine. For this job, you should have analytical and problem-solving skills and take immediate measures to resolve them. And if you lack those skills, then you can develop them by focusing on them as much as possible.

  • Attention to details:   It is very important for a technician to pay attention to the minute details like performing tests and preparation of the samples. You should have a good eye and exact measurement for the tests. Safety precautions are taken care of while handling the chemical substances and gases. If you are lacking behind in this skill, it might cause harm to patients.

  • Technical Skills:  They need to understand the complexity of working in the hospitals. It connects to the numerous lives and it is essential for the technician to have proper knowledge of lab machinery and computer programs. They arrange samples, label them and then stored the data in computers.

  • Excellent Communication Skills:    Being a technician in an organization, you may have to communicate with patients and their respective families face to face. So, it is necessary to have the effective communication to land this one. So, keep working on this skill as it is very important for both the parties to understand each other.

  • Multi-tasking Skills:   When you work in an organization, you will have to manage several tasks on a day-to-day basis. They work for long hours on their feet and often in inflexible timings. This is where your multi-tasking ability will work for you. By developing your stamina you will be able to overcome this hurdle and attend as many patients you want.

The demand for the lab technician jobs is on the rise among the job seekers. The above whole description will definitely help you land a good job in this field. If you have required skills to become a technician then start preparing for the interview. Upload your resume to the leading job portal i.e., Monster India and grab your opportunity.

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