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Designing a professional logo is more than writing the company’s name and slogan in a shape, it’s about delivering an impactful message that connects with the audience and designing it in a unique way, that it is memorable for others.

A logo is your business’s brand identity and it should be made such that it has a lasting impression on everyone’s mind. It should be such,that people recognize the company’s name just by looking at it or at the least is able to guess what they are selling by looking at it.

So here are 5 tips to design a professional company logo

Design a logo with an image that is more than one

These types of logos use double visuals in one single image meaning that the logo has a unique concept or idea, which shows two pictures in a single image.  Such designs are not only smart but make the consumers curious and everyone loves a little game. Don’t make it too complex that even after staring at it for hours, no one is able to figure it out, but it should be clever enough to make people rack their brains and also remember it.

Example of such a design is the logo of chains of parks that have a tree, but the leaves are in circular showing chain.

2.Use negative space and keep it flexible

Designers usually consider that negative space or whitespace should be left idle, but it is one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make. The negative space if used properly and in a clever way can make even a simple logo stand out and deliver the message about the type of business and its goal.  A great example is FedEx’s logo that uses the negative space to show an arrow which denotes their speedy delivery.

Similarly, create a logo that is simple yet clever and powerful. Also, make it flexible so that it can be adapted to various other mediums. A great example is Amazon’s logo that uses just the name of the company, but the arrow that goes from A to Z implies that it sells everything, which you may want; this is a subtle yet powerful and easy to remember.

3.Use a logotype if necessary and don’t expect instant success

If your business has a name that is unique like Coca-Cola or IBM, then you can use logotype, but having a generic name requires a specific design and symbol.  When using logotype make sure, that the font and typeface you use is readable and use negative space for subtle designs. Also, you can create your own custom font and maybe it will be a success just like Coca-Cola.

Also, as a businessman you have to be patient even with your logo, it won’t get immediate success. It will take time and efforts from your side if the marketing and selling of products increase the chances of your logo getting popular may be high.

4.Use colors as they plan an important role

Every color has a different meaning and idea, for example red is for power while white is for peace. So deciding the color palette for your logo design is important.  Also, if the brand has a color palette in place, you should be consistent and use these only. Otherwise, explore an array of options and don’t be afraid to mix and match but keep in mind that only two colors should be used in a logo and not more.

5.Don’t depend on clichés

Every few years there is a new trend that is followed by everyone or some old design that has been used numerous times but still, people use that. If you want to make a unique design and stand out, you need to avoid these cliché trends and repetition of the old logo. Inspiration is one thing but doesn’t copy half the design in name of getting inspired by something great.

These are the most important 5 tips that will help you design a logo that is simple, elegant, unique, and professional. Additionally, logo maker tools like Canva can help you design an amazing logo within minutes, and that too without spending a single penny. Take a look at your current logo or your work in progress and let me know how many of these points were missed by you.

Author bio:  Prince Kapoor is seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide. You can reach him out on


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