3 Handy Tips to Connect Your Internet

Tips to Connect Your Internet

Despite the fact that interfacing with the Internet may resemble a simple employment, it tends to be mind boggling for those individuals who don’t mindful of the kinds of Internet and system. As Internet has turned into a necessary piece of our lives, so it is imperative to be comfortable with the know-how to associate.Regardless of whether you are performing Net gear extender setup, playing web diversions, shop on the web or downloading applications in mass, make a solid association with Internet is a basic key. Here, we will tell you around 3 different ways to associate with the Internet. Read on.

1.Using remote broadband

As a matter of first importance, ensure that WiFi association on your gadget is turned on.You can check this by tapping on WiFi image on the toolbar. From that point onward, go to your gadget’s system settings and tap on WiFi symbol. Doing as such will open a drop-down menu that contains a rundown of accessible association adjacent.

Presently,discover the name of your home system. You can check the manual or explore to mywifiext.net site to know the equivalent.

Be that a sit may, clients confront issues like mywifiext not working while at the same time getting to this site page. To determine this issue, interface your extender remotely or with an Ethernet link to the system.

When you select a system to interface with, it will request a secret key. A few systems are not open, so they expect you to enter a password. Type the default passkey and continue further.

It will require some investment to associate a PC to a remote source. In the event that your PC can’t make an association with switch, it will break the association.To investigate this, draw it nearer to the source, detach it and associate it once more.

2.Using Ethernet link

There are various gadgets which can interface specifically to switch through an Ethernet link. Be that as it may, some don’t accompany this capacity e.g. workstations.To make utilization of this strategy, ensure that you have connectors you may require amid the procedure.

Take an Ethernet link and associate its one end to broadband source which might be a switch (in a large portion of the cases) or modem. Next, search for Ethernet jack on your PC and attachment second of the link in it.

From that point forward, explore to PC’s settings and debilitate your remote association ensuring your PC recognizes Ethernet one.

Since you are finished with the entire procedure, it’s an ideal opportunity to test your Internet association. To do as such, dispatch an internet browser, go to mywifiext, and check whether it stacks legitimately.

3.Using dial-up

By utilizing dial-up Internet, you will be limited to perusing sites which have for the most part content and pictures. It expects you to utilize a telephone line. The drawback of this strategy is that it can interface one individual for every telephone at any given moment. On the off chance that any other person has officially associated and the telephone line is utilized for making a call, you can just interface when someone else will separate or hang up. Given that the vast majority of the new PCs don’t accompany components to associate with dial-up, so you may need to purchase an outer USB modem to interface your PC.

By and large, places having dial-up Internet have two telephone lines – one for telephone while another for modem. In any case, it may not be connected if modem isn’t being used. Make certain the telephone link is connected to both modem and telephone jack.

Through another telephone line, plug one end of second telephone link into modem jack of your PC and the opposite end into modem. Next, design dial-up settings on your PC.You can now effectively interface your framework to modem by entering username,secret phrase and model number.

When done,make a verify whether your Internet association is legitimately working or not.For this reason, open an internet browser and go for mywifiext.net. In the event that this site page stacks inside only minutes, you have effectively associated with the Internet.

Which strategy would you say you will use to make a dependable association with Internet? Remember to impart your contemplation to us through remarks segment underneath.

MilesWeb V/s Hostgator | Who is the best WordPress Hosting Provider?

MilesWeb VS Hostgator

We are very conscious when it comes to buying something, right? From clothes to all necessary things we choose very carefully. But many of them often fail, while selecting the WordPress hosting provider and opt for free website builder tool. They are not aware of benefits of WordPress hosting and get confused between the providers for their website or blog. In this article, I am going to explain which provider is best whether it’s MilesWeb or Hostgator for WordPress.

What is WordPress hosting?

Cheap WordPress hosting is a hosting that is optimized for better WordPress performance and security reason.  It is nothing but one – click WordPress installation app that makes easy to start with blogging. Now all hosting providers provide a feature called “Instant or Automatic update” for WordPress software as per the demand. In short, you are getting everything easily and you only need to do is explore your skills and focus on your business or blogging.

Let’s take a look on providers


MilesWeb was established in 2012 and located in Nashik, Maharashtra. You must be wondering, why I am telling about a recent web host, because even though they are established in 2012 but within a small period of time they have become the first choice of customers in hosting industry.

They provide all kinds of hosting solutions as their product range is wide that consist of the Reseller, Shared, WordPress, Basic web hosting, VPS, Dedicated, Business, CMS and eCommerce hosting, Web Hosting India, etc.

For WordPress, they provide two different types of plans that are ideal for bloggers, web developers, WooCommerce stores, web design agencies and digital marketers. However, providing the low cost hosting service to their customer is the ultimate aim of MilesWeb team. Additionally. They also participate in WordCamp that is organized all over the India.

You can connect them via chat, email and phone as they are available 24*7*365 days to serve you. Your WordPress website will be live 24*7*365 days, because of MilesWeb Tier – 3 and Tier – 4 datacenters that offers maximum uptime of 99.95%. They provide two server locations for WordPress that are India and USA and you can select any server location as per your requirement.

Plans & Pricing:

WordPress hosting + Jetpack Professional

Wordpress Hosting+Jetpack Professional

WordPress Hosting + Jetpack Free

These are the plans that are offered by MilesWeb and you can consider any plan depending on your requirement. If you want to buy customized WordPress solution for your high traffic or large business website then contact their expert at sales@milesweb.in

Features Offered by MilesWeb:

Features Offered by MilesWeb

Other Technical features:

  • Cloudflare Railgun
  • HTTPS by default
  • GZIP/ Brotli compression
  • SFTP Access
  • WP- CLI
  • Dedicated WordPress support
  • Daily backups
  • CDN
  • Cloning
  • Server – side optimizations
  • Caching



Hostgator needs no introduction as it exists in hosting industry from a decade. They got established in 2002 and are located in Florida Atlantic University but later they expanded their business to different locations. They provide all kinds of hosting solutions and you can reach them via chat, email and phone as their support team is available around the clock to help you.

The three main reasons of choosing Hostgator WordPress hosting are Pre – installed Jetpack, Superior performance and automatic updates. They provide two server locations that are India and USA.

Plans & Pricing:

Plans & Pricing

The above mentioned screenshots represent the WordPress hosting plans from which you can choose one and start your business.


  • Blazing fast website
  • Instant scalability
  • Advanced Caching
  • Automatic failover

MilesWeb v/s Hostgator Review Comparison

Review 1

MilesWeb v/s Hostgator Review

Review 2

MilesWeb v/s Hostgator Review

From the above mentioned review snaps, you can see that in terms of rating and review MilesWeb is ahead in comparison to Hostgator.

MilesWeb v/s Hostgator

MilesWeb is far ahead than Hostgator as it offers many advanced features such as Cloudflare, GZIP/ Brotli compression, WP- CLI, Dedicated WordPress support, Daily backups, CDN, Cloning, Server – side optimizations, Caching, etc, whereas Hostgator does not offer all these features.

In terms of cost, MilesWeb is affordable for newbie and professionals, whereas Hostgator is bit expensive. If you are newly starting your blog with WordPress hosting then opting for MilesWeb can be the smarter choice.

Check below User ratings:

User ratings


This was brief and simple comparison that will help you to understand both the providers and you can select the best for your website and blog. As per my opinion, I don’t find any reason for not selecting MilesWeb over Hostgator. Here you can check your decision making skills by selecting the best provider.

Beneficial Uses of Technology in Medical Research


Thanks to the developments in modern technology, the field of medicine has made some ground-breaking discoveries. Since this industry needs to develop more rapidly than any other, the advances in technology has proven to be highly useful. If you think that these advances have not been useful for the field of medicine at all, you could not be more wrong. Here are some ways in which technological advances have proven to be useful for the medical field.

Research Areas

One of the most important sectors in the field of medicine is research. In order to find cures and diagnose new disorders, a great deal of research needs to be done. Plenty of areas in medical science utilises modern tech devices. For example, the preclinical scanner is a research device used by those studying the lungs. This device enables the researchers to study ways respiratory illnesses including asthma and lung cancer. Since these illnesses are prevalent in the world population in large numbers, it is important to learn about them more and more.

Advanced Surgeries

Due to the invention of new technological machines and devices, various surgeries can be conducted in a successful manner. There are new types of scanners with high levels of sensitivity that enable surgeons to get accurate results. This not only leads to safe surgeries but also results in quick recoveries. Unlike in the earlier decades, procedures such as bypass surgery and transplant surgeries have become surprisingly easy. The success rate is much higher than before and so is the survival rate. So, when people go into surgeries these days, they are more hopeful. Even surgeons believe in themselves more as they are more confident.


One of the best uses of technology in the field of medicine is the way in which it aids the disabled. In the current world, it is possible for the handicapped to walk and for the blind to see due to various scientific discoveries. This would not have been made possible if not for various scientific devices. Individuals with various disabilities are able to function normally due to these devices. Thanks to such technological advances, their daily lives have come much more normal.

Accurate Diagnosis

A problem that many physicians had to face in the past is accurate diagnosis. Since it is difficult to diagnose the illness without having a closer look inside the body, it is impossible to say what is happening to the individual. However, over the recent years, the methods of diagnosis have changed drastically. Thanks to various kinds of tests and scanners, it is possible to detect any illness almost immediately. Even if the symptoms are invisible and if the individual is not in pain, it is still possible to discover various diseases thanks to these advances.

Of course, the advances in technology have made developments in many sectors. It has increased the efficiency of all the sectors. However, one can admit that it is the medical industry that has benefited the most from these advances as these technological developments have enabled physicians to save lives.

Top 3 movie streaming website like putlocker

During the last few years putlocker.ch was one of the best online movie streaming website, this site has a huge visitor for it’s huge collection of movies and user friendly design.But,it’s   almost 2 years putlocker.ch has been shut down. It was really a catchy site for the visitors because like another sites it does not shows pop up, advertisement on the screen.

Now a day’s many vital websites are dead, the most popular torrent download site KickassTorrents also dead now .So, we must have to find out some good alternatives for putlocker ch.

We have found some best alternatives and in this article we are going to discuss about best 3 alternatives of putlocker ch

Putlockers cz:


This is the new official site of putlocker.You can stream new movies,tv series from here.it’s home page suggest the visitor some best movies.Also you can search movies as you wish from the upper side search bar.There are some categories on the home page, using these categories you can filter your search result.Country wise sub category available on this site..you may chose Indian movie/Japanese movie/Italian movie as you would like to watch. You just have to create a free account to watch or download movie from putlockers cz. Otherwise it is totally hustle-free,no pop up or advertisement will not irritate you.


Solar movies

Without any doubt Solarmovie is one of the best alternative for putlocker.Very beginning it’s website was https://solarmoviez.to but now it redirects on https://solarmoviez.ru.However it does not create any problem for visitor.It offers visitor not only movies but tv series also. You can search your favorite movie on the home page.You can check the IMDb rating of every movie, hovering on the movie logo from the search result page.But there is a little bit problem on this site like when you are going to search something on the search box it redirects automatically to a different site.

Movie Watcher:

Movie watcher

It is another option for movie streaming online. You can find all the movies here from the well arrange  form of GENRES,Years.On the old version of movie watcher there was best video suggestion on the homepage but now there is no suggestion on home page .You can watch from the old version also by clicking the button under the search bar of new website. So you have to search on the home page search bar.Main attractive thing of this site is it’s streaming speed.Like putlockers cz you have to create a free account here to watch or download movies.

There are some new sites for online movie streaming like



This site is one of the best online movie streaming site. You can watch HD movies here without registration.


Best Tips To Block a Sender by Email Address in Hotmail

shoppingthoughts technology blog

Yea, as much as the email address is a media outlet on the IT angle, there might be some days when you are not comfortable with some elements sending you emails. Have you experienced a situation where you simply open up an email address for the sake of getting correspondences from a very reputable organization, or for the purposes of a particular work, and in the long run, the email marketers get hold of that email through search and other avenues? The problem you will have is that you will be forced to read a lot of promotion, offer and marketing emails even when you do not find any of them useful at all. In such case, you might not have the luck to receive these emails from firms that give you the opportunity to opt out if you wish. This becomes a very big problem on its own, and you just have to find a solution to it.

Here, the only solution is to block emails from such senders. There are also some other cases where you might be getting unwanted emails, and feel like blocking them. A friend who sends you annoying emails or someone who is wooing you for something and continues sending you things you do not want to see, might also need to be blocked. But before I take you on a journey of how to do this, you have to be aware of one thing. That thing is the fact that most spammers will always make use of different email addresses on different occasions. Because of this, it is simply not going to be easy blocking those email addresses on each occasion. But, if you know the person you do not want to talk to, come along. You can find more on shoppingthoughts technology blog. It’s a best place to know different ideas.

The procedures to block email addresses

When you are on the Hotmail page, look for the toolbar and select “options.” However, in some cases, you might have to go to more “options” to find this.  When here, you will see the “preventing junk mail” space. Click on this.

When you click on this, you will be taken to link that has 3 options, the last is the “Safe and blocked senders” link. Click on this and it will take you to the “blocked senders option.”

Follow the link you see and get to the area written blocked senders. When you are here, click “blocked senders” and it will bring out a list of blocked email addresses or domains. In the space provided below, type the email address you want to block.

Another option you can use to make the blocking broader is by blocking the email addresses on the same domain. This will help you more in term of the junk or spam emails. You can do this by simply typing @gmail.com if you want to block all emails coming from Gmail accounts. If you know the domain name of the firm that disturbs you must, just enter such and all emails coming from this will be blocked.


This saves you a lot of problems. It can be very tasking trying to sort out the relevant and useful emails if your Inbox is filled with emails from unwanted senders. But with this, it will be reduced, and you will have all the ones you need.

Broadband Telephone Services – A Short Discussion

The very last 10 years features witnessed the extraordinary expansion of the Internet to turn out to be the most widely used and in several instances the favored method of information accumulating along with conversation. For a lot of years electronic mail has become the obvious communication option for business nevertheless more just lately the continued technical development has enabled the returning of age of the internet phone phone. In distinct broadband for business encompasses not only Internet questions however VoIP phone services also (Voice-over Internet Method).

Nonetheless, even if there’s an intention to reap some benefits of innovation, and standard of several features of technology, the normal individual problems to comprehend the jargon utilised by technology providers plus it can always be hard to collect and also recognize the information required to make an educated option as to just what option is most suited to the business will need. To start to demystify this kind of we now have used a string of basic concerns and also offered each of our watch of the things they suggest in reality.

What is Broadband?

Broadband can be a faster edition of the Internet that work well at higher data transfer rates because of an improved data transfer. The most commonly used kind is ASDL (Asymmetrical Digital Customer Line) that’s an enhanced phone series in which keeps permanently linked in contrast to the older dial-up modems which were at first employed to hook up to the Internet. The phrase Irregular in shape (i.e. non-symmetrical) used right here relates to the distinct rates of posting as well as downloading it details. Files delivered electronically to nearby techniques typically operates at 2 mb of files per second while the upload speed is frequently only 128 kilobytes of information every second. ASDL utilizes the identical cable tv that will attaches the phone line to the neighborhood exchange.

Through the 1980s, mobile phone engineers have been using approaches of transmitting video images above normal phone traces. The technique developed ended up being to develop a new arranged of pulses, this specific time for video, which usually would travel straight down the line as well as the tone of voice impulses. These kind of new impulses have been at a better regularity and thus would not necessarily interfere with the words signal. Unfortunately the commercial infrastructure had not been in place at the time for the effective transmission of video through cell phone, nevertheless the idea of transmitting two alerts collectively above a phone line led to the development of Broadband due to the fact which the video pulses had been actually created to carry a good deal of information and thus these folks were best for holding digital alerts, like Internet information.

The Development of Broadband Phone Services

Voice over Internet Process or even Broadband phone service because it is usually called to has been evolving the world of telephony. Conventional make use of of phone collections will become slowly phased out as both home and also business consumers identify and embrace the benefits that VoIP phone services offer. The 1st Internet phone software originated in the core Nineties employing appear cards, mics and speakers along with created to manage on home Personal computers. However, because of the don’t have of accessibility of Broadband and therefore their dependence on dial-up modems, the Internet protocol phone service suffered through don’t have of words quality when compared to a normal cell phone. However this kind of limitation, in the United states of america by 1998 VoIP visitors even now displayed concerning 1% of just about all speech targeted traffic and with more suppliers becoming aware of the potential of the Internet phone, through 2000 this particular acquired increased to 3%.

With technical improvements conquering the quality troubles, in conjunction with the prioritising of words site visitors more than data traffic, VoIP today supplies reputable, crystal clear title of and also unbroken Internet phone phone calls.

Future of Business Organizations base on iPad

iPad rental organizations

iPad has been consider a extraordinary tool for business organization who are always on a start to display their product or services to the possible customer in a business event or trade show. iPad is consider a dominant source for business organizations for market their products and brand.Specaiily in the business events if the business organizations wants to present its wide range of product and services through website to audience then iPad is consider a powerful tool to present these services in a well-mannered way.

All things considered, iPads fill in as a careful and prompt answer for a business associations who is constantly sharp in demonstrating his products and ventures at the public expos and corporate occasions in light of the fact that by utilizing the iPad at their corner the business associations can without much of a stretch market their item perfectly. Seeing the significance and utilization of the iPad in the coordinate part numerous iPad rental organizations are introducing the iPad benefits everywhere throughout the world. Here we will talk about a portion of the reliable highlights which business associations could exploit from iPad Rentals.


iPads are the amazing and flexible gadget close by, which make capable the advertising and information gathering capacities less demanding and less difficult, as it can an exceptional device to get portable and with the and mind numerous inherent capacities it progresses toward becoming as the best client encounter.

Event Registration

iPads have been an exceptional device which could help the business associations to enroll the potential gatherings of people, clients to make capable them to enlist them when they are going to an occasion, along these lines the business associations can without much of a stretch get the street number of the guests and later on send the item information.Inshort iPad turn into the amazing instrument to empower the effortless enrollment less demanding and faster.

Special Marketing Tool

iPad can be set as a stand and further situated at the occasion or public expo, changes over as a limited time advertising and for sure a dynamic to catch the consideration of the potential group of onlookers. Business associations could even grandstand their business logo through the iPads. Indeed it turns into an exceptionally helpful instrument to feature the item data from the site effectively.

Conferences and Meetings

iPads have changed how individuals work together before, including how they direct gatherings and conferences. iPad go with a huge number of wise highlights that enable business associations to enhance commitment, correspondence, and advance better and clear picture, Moreover to lessening expenses and time spent amid gatherings.

User Friendly

iPad is consider a user friendly tool for business organization. Business organizations can use it for their employee training sessions. Use of iPad is very easy which impact a good results in the employees training and employee always love to get more by using iPad in their workplace.

Flipkart,Hotstar collaborated to launch Ads platform

This is for the first in the history of industry that this kind of collaboration is being done between  Flipkart and Hotstar, these companies are very well- known. You heard it correct Flipkart,

India’s biggest e- commerce platform and Hotstar, India’s biggest and leading streaming platform have come together into a collaboration to unveil a Shopper Audience Network, and that is Flipkart’s new platform for Ads that give permission to all brands to get connected with customers in a very personalised way by doing Truelntent video Ads on Hotstar.

Flipkart has developed the Shopper Audience Network helps by determining the audience- based view to improve brands connectivity for their customers by holding grip on Flipkart’s who had understood the mentality of customers while purchasing and by the increase in number of Truelntent video Ads. Through this kind of advertising they will provide personalised ads to more than 150 million customers for various categories.

This will also give a view to brands of some holistic nature so that customers can easily connect, this kind to collaboration will give a tool for much better attribute and will help them to measure the actual impact of every digital ad. This collaboration is fulfilling the Flipkart’s dream to become a leading digital ads platform in India and the partnership will help Flipkart to hold their dream tight with Hotstar in the field of video ad market.

Prakash Sikaria the Senior Director at Flipkart said that “We understand our customers purchasing thought better than others, this always been the main and imperative feature of Flipkart, and this will help marketers to build their ad journey with the help of our platform. We have understood the demand and this will help to hold intent-based platform and this is reason why we have collaborated with Hotstar, just to give an unusual Ad industry in India.”

Talking about the collaboration, the EVP of Hotstar Mr. Prabh Singh said “We have our reach to large scale audience and those audience are deeply in relation with us and their total attention towards our service. Those brands which are promoting them on Hotstar are becoming more popular and power by the help of our engagement. As we are partnership with Flipkart this will help to develop this same position in more better way and give an opportunity to all marketers to get in touch with hundreds of products with different categories on Flipkart.”

How to Speed up Windows 10

how to Speed up Windows 10

There are many reasons your windows may performing as per your Expectations. It may Due to low Storage low RAM or anything else. Here, We have got The Ultimate Guide how to speed up Windows 10 Operating System Without any Third Party Software.

1.Change Power Plan Settings

Change windows Power plan Settings, Windows by default Setting might be on balance But if you feeling that your PC is not performing expectation change your PC Power plan to High Performance.

How To Change Windows Power plan for High Performance

open control panel and click on power options.

Click on High Performance.

2.Disable Startup Programs

There are many programs which start just after your windows finish booting. This programs run in the background and eventually makes your computer Slow. Disabling this program will help your PC to load Faster and will also Save your RAM and improve performance. There are some useful Software which you probably don’t want to Disable on startup, So watch out what you Disabling.

How To Disable Startup Programs On Windows 10

Open task manager and click on Startup now click on and Disable all unWanted Programs Which Runs on Startup

3.Clean registry of your PC

The registry is a huge database which contains thousands of keys from Applications. Windows Registry contains data from application about their setting and configuration. The bad part is after you uninstall the application those registry keys stay in your computer. Cleaning registry deletes those unwanted keys and results in better performance and speedup of your computer.

How To Clean Windows Registry Entries

To clean Registry Entries we have to use a Third party Software Auslogics registry clean

Download and install this freeware, open it and click on Scan and repair

4.Clean Temporary files and junks

Clean temporary files from computer, you may not even realize over the period of time your operating system may have created tons of Temporary and junk files these junk files Slow Down your computer. This temporary files and junks have a noticeable effect on your computer and increase Speed of Windows 10 Operating System. Cleaning Temporary files will free up lots of space on your PC and it will also improve speed and performance.

How To remove temporary files and Junk from Computer

Open File Explorer and right click on C drive. (drive on which windows operating system is installed).

Click on Disk Clean and Select everything in the dialogue box and hit OK.

There is few more method you can clean Temporary files and junk from the computer.

5.Kill Windows appearance and animations

It’s time to make some serious choice, Weather you want your computer for performance or for the windows Sexy look. Windows have amazing animations on their user interference but this animation and style eat up Lot of resources. If you want rocking performance from your computer this may help.

How To Change Appearance in Performance Options Dialog

To change Appearance open file Explore and right click on THIS PC.

Now Click on properties.

now select Advance System Settings and click on advance> click on under Settings under performance > Select Adjust for best performance and hit apply.

Now open Settings >personalization>Colors >Disable transparency.

6.Turn Of Search Indexing On Windows

Windows 10 creates an index of all your files and folder present on your computer which helps to produce an efficient search result for Cortana Windows Search. While this feature helps in searching particular files and folder, but at the same time this also uses lots of resources from your computer. Disabling this feature can create a space on computer as well reduce the burden on resources available on the computer and helping the computer to Speedup a bit.

How To Disable Search Indexing On Windows

Open Task Manager and click on services > open Services.

Now Search for Windows Search and Disable the Search and Indexing Services by double-clicking on Windows Search.

After you Done with Disabling, Open-File Explorer and Right click On C drive and open Properties and uptick Indexing.

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7.Launch Windows Troubleshooter

Windows 10 comes With System Maintenance. Windows user can start system maintenance to scan programs to and fix them. This program will help you to identify Programs Which are misbehaving and Will try to fix them resulting in better performance.

How To launch Windows Maintenance

Open Control panel and click on Security and maintenance.Now Click on TroubleShooting and click on run maintenance task.Speed up windows 10 System mantanemce

Now click on Next and choose administrative Service and click next

8.No Apps in Background

Windows 10 comes with few pre-installed apps Which Run in Background, If you want to boost your Windows Performance you should consider Disabling this app in the background. Disabling This app can free up some of your computer Resources and may increase your Performance of windows 10.

How To Disable Apps Running In Background

Press Windows key + I and Click on privacy select background apps.

Turn of background app to Speed up Windows 10

9. Prevent One drive to Sync Files and folder on cloud.

This is not recommended if you use your computer to do some Serious Busines work or if you use OneDrive on Daily. But If you don’t use one drive on your computer there is no reason to keep that program running in the background. Just uninstall Onedrive from your computer. This will Reduce the burden on System Resources.

How to stop Prevent Onedrive Services.

To prevent One drive Services Press Windows key +R type ‘gpedit.msc’ and click run.

prevent one Drive to Speedup Windows 10.

Under Computer configuration click on Administrative Templates and then Click on All Settings.

Search Prevent uses of one drive for file storage Dubble-click and now click on Enable.