The Art Of Improving Brand Image

Brand Image

In the online world, your brand image can make a huge difference. Look at Apple; its brand image is synonymous with high-quality products with superior user experiences.

Every entity in this world has a brand image to a certain degree, no matter what the entity does, whether a small online store or the search engine giant Google.

Your brand image speaks to people about who you are, what your business does, and what values you bring in. So, building a brand image and nurturing it into the desired level is meticulously important.

Here we discuss some tips and strategies that can put you in the right direction of building an excellent brand image.

Be Authentic

Be Authentic

You hear a lot about being authentic. Almost everyone says, “Hey! Be Authentic.” So, what does being authentic mean?

Being authentic means sticking to your core values. When you sell a product through your online store, you give a certain experience to your customer: the packaging, the quality of the products, and the security you ensure for the customer data and payments.

Make sure to identify your core values. These values can be anything that gives a pleasant experience to your customers and addresses their concerns and necessities. Your core values can also include your customer segment. If you are selling software to hardcore IT professionals, then do not say that your products are for everybody, which is inauthentic.

By concentrating better on your customer segment, you understand their problems, needs, and you would be better able to tailor your products and services. In turn, that builds your brand image.

If you do follow that, not only your existing customers, but new customers would flock in to buy products from you. This is the same reason why programmers around the world would love to use a MacBook for their work.

Security Is More Than Essential

These days everything is connected. New business opportunities or new customers can come from any direction. So, putting up a website is more than just important: It is a necessity.

To build a brand image, you need to reflect your values and authenticity through your website. Moreover, if you are running an online store, your site speaks volumes.

Make your website aligned with a good design. Moreover, need not to say that the security of your site is quintessential.

You should add an SSL certificate to ensure the data security for your site visitors. Moreover, Google Chrome will flag your site as ‘Not Secure,’ if you do not install a certificate on your site.

Anyhow, there are many types of SSL certificates are available. However, the ones like Comodo EV SSL is the best. Because when you will install EV SSL type of certificate on your site, the browser will display your brand name in the browser. That ensures your site visitors high security and shows that you follow the best security measures.

Social Media Presence

Social Media

Typically, an average person spends more than an hour every day on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. So, your brand should has a presence in social media too. So, you can leverage social media to build your brand image.

However, spending tons of time on multiple social media platforms do not help you. Each social network has different types of audience. So, it is best if you stay active on the platform where your ideal customers would be.

For example, if you sell stock photography, you get a good return from the time invested by posting and engaging on Instagram. Likewise, when your online business is targeted toward other businesses, building your brand using LinkedIn would prove much more valuable.

Find where your ideal customers are spending time, then build your brand image there. All you need to do is post original content that reflects your core principles, tell your audience why you do, what you do, and actively engage with your audience by replying to the comments, etc.

And if possible, blog about your products and services on platforms like Quora and Medium. Many businesses enhance their brand image this way. In addition, you will get good amount of inbound sale opportunities.

Personal Branding Helps

Personal Branding

These days personal branding has become a hot topic. Nonetheless, your personal brand can also help you to build a good brand image for your business.

Personal Branding is nothing but marketing yourself and bringing yourself an image of how you want to be perceived by others. For example, if you are a sales expert, then you align your social media presence to recognize you as an expert by sharing tips, responding to queries, and writing blog posts, etc. This way over the time your followers on social media would think you as a sales expert.

When you are perceived as a sales expert, people would love to become your brand’s customers. Because being a sales expert, you can understand customer pains points and you address them well. People also perceive the same about your business too. Thus, your personal brand helps to build a brand image for your business.

Final Words

Well, when it comes to building a brand image, consistency is second to none.

Moreover, it would help if you spent good amount of time on defining what your brand should stand for. In the end, a brand is nothing but a set of values and principles.

By just following the above-discussed strategies, you can take your brand image a long, long way. But you should adjust your efforts to the niche where your brand operates. Anyhow, one fits all approach is never going to bring good results in this fast-paced world. So, make your business brand image as unique as possible.

Sometimes, you may feel you are not going anywhere in building your brand image. Those are the times to experiment and to find the strategies that work for you. That said, do not be afraid to experiment along the way, or to put some money into marketing campaigns.