Top 7 Mobile App Development Software for Startups

App Development Software for Startups

Talking about the importance of having a mobile app is worthless. If you are a business that operates in the present era, you would already know the importance of being on mobile.

And you would already know how bringing your business on mobile is not an option. It is of utmost necessity as a business looking to survive in the competitive market which is made up of users who have their heads digged inside their smartphones, to be present in a mobile app version.

However, making a strong presence on the mobile domain comes with a cost. The answer to how much does it cost to develop an app lies in thousands and sometime millions. And the workaround this high development cost generally comes tagged with low quality apps.

But, with the advent of mobile apps, the workaround solutions have also emerge to enable businesses to develop apps without a million price tag. And this workaround is called Mobile App Development Software.

In this article, we will be looking into the different mobile app development software that businesses trust for the designing and development of their apps.

Let us begin

Here is the list of the top mobile app development software for businesses who do not the initial budget to invest in a team of skilled mobile app developers who excel in the development process.


The mobile app development software help develop both Native and HTML5 mobile apps, even though its main focus lies on the development of Progressive Web Apps.

Through this software, businesses get a number of themes and advanced features such as chat, social linking, customization, push notifications, and geofencing.

They also offer a series of app management services such as event listing, CMS, sharing or comments, and user profiling etc.

Costing: After the 30 day free trial, businesses will have to pay 32 – 48 Euro per month for Android app development, 96 Euros per month for iOS Apps and 200 Euro per month for unlimited Native Apps. 

2.Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps is one of the most advanced softwares from among the list of mobile app development software. It is usually chosen by restaurants, salons, real estate agents, etc for their app development needs.

Bizness Apps offers a number of features such as multiple integration, visual editor, music and video players, GPS, shopping cart, notifications, etc. Also, the software makes it easy to add in facilities like scheduling, coupon, service review, tracking, and loyalty programs, amongst others.

Costing: $3000 per year, $299 per month and single app plan of $99 per month.

3.Appy Pie

Using the Appy Pie software, businesses can develop both mobile website and native apps. Through this software, they get a series of ready made industry based templates, which they only have to personalize with their branding elements.

All you have to do is select the design, add all features, and publish the mobile app on stores.

Costing: Basic – $15 per month, Gold – $30 per month, and Platinum for $50 per month.


Appmakerstore is the standard example of a do-it-yourself mobile app software. It consists of a number of templates that businesses can choose from to design and develop apps for iOS, Android, and HTML5.

There are a number of design presents such as medicine, restaurants, hotels, and education, amongst others. The software offers social media, advertisement, and payment gateway integrations. Along with all of this, they deploy the developed app on the application stores on their own.

Costing: $29.50 per month. If you want to resell the app, it would cost you $99 per month and $870 if you wish them to create an app for you. 


This is probably one of the most expensive mobile app development softwares from the lot.

With the offices based in the UK, USA, and Norway, the software is used by some of the most leading and innovative brands around the globe, such as Ted, Universal, and Disney.

In addition to the vast list of designer templates and features, which come with the possibility of tweaking and adjusting the elements, businesses can also add a number of serious app elements such as digital commerce, app analytics, and geo-targeting.

Costing: $49 every month plus annual subscription plus custom price.

6.Kalipso Studio

The mobile app development software enables the users to program the whole app without having to write even a single line of code. The apps developed on Kalipso can be published on to 5 prime operating systems – Windows Phone, Windows 10, Windows CE, iOS, and Android.

Using this software, businesses design and develop creative software for all the major operating systems, all the while eliminating the need to buy any extra license and software. 


This mobile app development software is a go-to solution for all those businesses who already have a website and are only looking to convert it into a mobile app. The best thing about AppMachine is its set of automation capabilities. The second you enter your website’s URL in the software, it scans and imports everything which is relevant for a mobile app. All businesses have to do is select a design and template and then publish the app on the stores.

Costing: The development software is priced at $49 to $69 for one app, $99 for 3 apps, and $300 for 30 mobile apps.

So here were the 7 mobile app development software that the business world is presently trusting for starting on their mobile journey. What we would suggest is that even though you have made up your mind and are investing in development software, don’t keep that app as your forever app.

While it is true that getting a native app developed by a team of developers would be an expensive affair, but at the same time the quality that you will get at the back of it will be unmatchable. So, once you start making revenues off of the app, find a mobile app development company and get your own app developed – one which is nothing like the other apps in the stores.