10 Best Android Phone Feature You May Not Know

10 Best Android Phone Feature

Android device is a warehouse of features, there are features which we use daily but there are some feature which we are not aware of here are the list 10 Best Android Phone Feature You May Not Know.

list of 10 Android Phone Feature you not know

1.Improve google chrome Data uses.

Most of the Android smartphone comes with built-in google chrome browser. Chrome comes with Data saver feature which can reduce data uses by 30% on average. This feature can be easily enable

1.Open Chrome.

  1. Go to Setting>data saver and switch on data saver.

This simple setting can save up to 30% of your data.

2.Google offline map.

Every time you open google map it will consume a certain amount of data from your phone. Instead, you can download Google offline map of your local area and next time you open google maps it won’t be using data from your network.

1.Open google maps.

2.Click on the button in the top right corner >offline maps >select your area >download.

next time you don’t have to connect to the internet for the area which you have downloaded.

3.Improve battery uses and performance.

There are many many ways you can improve battery life but this one you may not know. This may affect your user experience but may improve performance and increase battery life.

1.open settings on phone.

2.developer options >animation scale >turn three of them off.

This will simply turn off yours animation effect and increase battery life.

4.Find Your Phone

lost your phone there is a simple way you can remotely locate your phone and this also allows to erase your data and lock the phone. In case you have lost your device you can simply visit the link and this will have options such as lock, reset.

5.Strength of the wifi network

Android phones having version 6.0 and above will show you the strength of the wifi signal around you and MAC address as well.

1.Open phone setting.

2.Go to developer options > Enable WIFI verbose logger Option.

This will simply show you the strength of wifi network around you whether it is connected and of not. This will show simply show you the strength of WIFI network and MAC address of that WIFI.

6.Android phone for a low-vision user.

android phone is also designed for the low-vision users if a user can’t see properly Talkback is the solution.Talkback read out every option, text and buttons on the screen.

1.Open setting on your phone

2.Go to Accessibility >open talkback > and enable it.

after enabling the options Android will read out every option and text available on the screen.

7.Instant apps

Ever wonder if you can use an app without installing on the phone.Now, you can instant app allows you to run an app on your app without installing one. Just by clicking on the link to the app it will promote you to the option TRY IT NOW and it will open the app.

1.open settings.

2.Go to account >instant app >enable the options.

after this whenever you click on any link to the app you will be prompted TRY THIS NOW and you can open an app without installing.

8. Browse Through the File Directory

There are a lot of third-party apps that let you see the file contents of the phone memory, but what if you are a little low on space and can’t go about installing a new app?

The solution is fairly simple — turn to Chrome.

9.Google chrome experiments.

Google Chrome allows you to access the feature which is still in development or partially developed. It can access this by just typing chrome://flags in URL bar. Here you will get all the list of underdevelopment features not released yet.