Tips to Increase Your Market Share

Increase Your Market Share

Every brand manager strives to increase their brand’s market share. So essentially, the industry is one big rat race! Everyone clamours for a bigger part of the pie. But not all of them get it. The article below provides some tips that will help you to make your brand more and more popular in the market and thereby, increase its market share.

Understand the Target Audience

You need to have a very good understanding about your target audience in order to make your brand stronger. If you don’t have this understanding and knowledge it will be incredibly difficult for you to position your brand well in the industry. Learn as much as you can about your customers because you are designing the product for them. You will have to spend some money and time during this process but it will pay off in the longer run without a doubt. You can get the help of a seasoned researching agency for this purpose too if you like. Get to know about the demographic and psychographic make up of your target audience and use it to your advantage.


You will not be able to make your customers interested in your brand if you become stagnant in the market. So try to innovate as much as you can. The extensive knowledge that you have about your customers will help you to design products that will sell well. You need to cater to a need that the customer has. Great marketers often create needs too.

Connect With Your Customers

Make sure you connect well with your customers so that they will recall your brand and your products whenever they shop. Try to create some sensational campaigns and TV commercials and you will be able to make your brand incredibly popular with great ease. In order to do this effectively, you will have to get the help of experts. Look for a leading marketing and advertising agency when you are designing the campaigns and you will be able to get a great job done for sure. A creative advertisement will be remembered by your customers for many long years. Do some brainstorming sessions in order to come up with great ideas that will help you to make your brand reach new heights of success.

Convert Your Competitor’ Customers

If your market is not growing there is only one way you can increase your market share. You will have to find ways to convert your competitors’ customers. You can do this by offering a better product, more advanced features or simply by reducing the price of the product. You need to understand what drives the customers too in order to do this successfully. There is no point offering something that the competitors’ customers will not need or require. For instance, the customers who buy luxury cars will not be interested a competitor’s product that offered a lower price.

Hope the tips above will help you to make your brand more and more powerful in the market. It is not an easy exercise but you have to do it in order to survive in the market in the longer run.

Event Management Challenges You Need To Overcome Today

event management companies in UAE

Event management comes with so many challenges today and it is only necessary to learn how to deal with those challenges in order to be in a position of bettering your events when time comes. Event organizers and event management companies in UAE will be in a position to help you better, having worked with so many clients of diverse needs. We have the experience needed to deal with those challenges whether they are related to finances or not, and regardless of the stage in which they arise — planning or during the event itself.

Here Are Some of the Challenges we help you overcome.

1. Budget: Budgets are always limited regardless of the amount awarded for event management, whether you are a company or an individual looking to holding an event. That’s because there are a lot of things you can do and plan for to make for an exciting event. What matters is whether you are able to match your most important needs with the things you are looking for and for your budget. Then the add-ons. Otherwise, wants can be so unlimited.

Nevertheless, it is possible to work with a limited budget and select the themes, venues and vendors that will deliver the best experience for your event. That’s because there is a wide range on the supply side, between the lowest and highest budget. You can try doing some shopping for suppliers doing the same quality for the same prices by clients, although that will usually mean that you have to compromise on a number of things.
Once you are done in selecting a number of clients, ask them for their max cap in terms of budget and then allocate your amount to that. Otherwise, as an experienced event organizer or one of the top event management companies in UAE, we will quickly identify clients you can work with at much lower budget.

2. Picking an event: As a company or person planning events, it may not be difficult to get as much contacts in order to identify best locations for events, but it can take time. Again, many first time clients might struggle matching venue needs with what’s available and many would actually fall for any (may be in terms of prices, the lowest priced) especially if they are working on strict time lines.

Doing extensive research on the potential venues is important: you might visit the site physically and assess the facilities it has to offer then another, etc. It can be tricky if you do not decide on a general location first, and then sample the sites available for hosting events at that location. That’s why event coordinators and managers might be a little bit more helpful.

Especially if they have experience of helping clients in your given target location (where you want to host that event), they would already be well knowledgeable on the best options for your event looking at your needs. Sometimes that might cut out the obligation to have to visit the event site just for purposes of checking out if it is appropriate. In addition to comparing event sites with each other, you might also need to compare the site offerings with your visions for the event – e.g. the decors and number of people your event will attract.

Many event managers will visit the different sites or venues with their clients, showing them how they fit to their budget and other needs or why they are worthwhile. However, an event organizer can help you identify events that meet your expectations in terms of feelings of the event.

3. Technological challenges: Technology is here to make everyone’s events better than they should have been without technology. Hunting for the technology is not hard — because you always have in mind that you for instance need sound and entertainment, shoots and modern decor. And as a client, you might want to be interested in finding out the latest trends about use of tech in events in order to get a good taste. But looking for the right equipment that captures your interest might be challenging in terms of, for instance, identifying the right sound for the right size of audience at your event.

Event coordinators can use event management software for purposes of managing large and multiple events. Such software also helps you to measure results and performance for each event. They can pull out this data to help you with identifying the right equipment for your event.

4. Change in costs and prices during the planning of the event: Individuals planning for any kind of event always battle with the rising costs of products and services needed in the event while planning for that event. For instance, a quote from a supplier last month may no longer be valid towards the end of wedding planning period two or three months later.

Almost always, you would need to provide some cushion room in the budget, otherwise, things might get really bad. However, it is important to talk to your suppliers about the possibility of changes in budgets and even enter into contracts that will restrict huge surprises on rising costs.

For instance, ensure vendors commit to quotes in writing, understand how long the quotes are valid for, have a contingency or backup plan, and be honest with your clients and vendors from the word go that price fluctuations are just normal.

5. Planning for a memorable event: Many clients or individuals or companies planning events struggle with issues such as how to attain a wow-factor, how to outdo competition and other things to make their events to stand out. Event coordinators with experience know how and what things a bride might be looking for when they demand a one-of-a-kind wedding – and they are paid for that reason. The bar can be so high, for instance when you are looking for a unique high profile event worthy of the industry’s leading magazine feature spread.

Planners who think out of the box are much more advantaged. They will organize teams to hunt for what innovative ideas and to turn them to reality.