Types of Laptop Viruses

different types of laptop viruses

Do you have antivirus software in your system? Then you may have knowledge about computer/laptop viruses. In this article, we discuss about the different types of laptop viruses.

A virus gets the best definition as thus – a software designed with evil intentions. Period. They can perform all types of disaster activities on your laptop. They can puff up the size of a drive, make files change their name, encrypt them to make them useless. The viruses can spread through various ways. Example – interchange of applications and documents.

But do you need an antivirus software for your laptop?

You love working on the laptop. In fact, it serves as the best device for your contact with the world. You surf the internet, watch films and play games. Yet, it is disheartening that many owners do not care about the security of their laptop system. The main reason – their desired tasks get completed. It is mandatory to have a best anti-virus installed in your laptop. The reason – it can prevent any unauthorized access to confidential data. s.

We request our loyal readers to read the following paragraphs with patience. You can gain knowledge on various types of laptop viruses. Please note, if left unattended, they can bring financial loss.

Resident Virus

The virus works the same way as the name. In fact, it makes its home in the RAM. As for the side effects, it can control and stop any program running in laptop.

Direct Action Virus

This is a virus that does not stay for a long time in the laptop. It waits in the shadows for any program to begin and gets attached to the file. Usually, it replicates in your laptop and gets very active in the boot time.

Boot Virus

One of the dangerous viruses. It attacks the main core if the system, that is, the boot sector of hard disk. If you face a attack from this virus, then the booting option of the OS becomes difficult.

Override Virus

The name gives the activity of the virus. During the infection, the virus corrupts the file, the data and makes it illegible. It is up-the-hill task to recover the data.

Multipartite Virus

They stay hidden in the computer memory. But slowly they infect the multi- media files. The boot sector of the hard drive is the first one to get infected. Then it leads to the executable files and the entire computer system.

Encrypted Virus

It consists of malicious code. This virus is difficult to get detected. Even a antivirus can detect only when it starts the decryption process to initiate the infection of other files.

Network Virus

If you know the meaning of network, it is easy to understand this virus. You can find this type in office systems connected via LANs. It spreads to all systems via shared folders and drives found in LAN network. This virus has the uncanny ability to move from one system to another. This is after the infection process is complete.


Have you heard of the Trojan Horse and Greeks? Yes, but in this article, we are talking about the not-wanted software. In fact, it is not a virus. It is a cleverly designed program to leak confidential info from your computer. Example – passwords, credit card info and many more to the hackers. The Trojan horse can easily exist in your system in the form of an useful application. That makes it the more dangerous.


They use the process of self-replication. Left unattended, and can play havoc with the performance of your laptop. Yet, they can easily get reversed by anti-virus software.


It is not a virus. But is a software or a code. You cannot gain access to your computer. You may have to pay a fee to gain access.

Browser Hijackers

They are not viruses. But have a code that can redirect you to another site from a website you want to access. Usually it is a porn site or advertising website. You never intended to visit this website.


They are viruses. The software can modify a system to allow access to another user. Your confidential data may suffer a compromise.

Memory Resident Virus

The virus has the capability to get repaired inside the laptop. It then gets activated every time, the OS runs and infects every opening file. The virus hides in the RAM. Harmful activities – it can corrupt documents or applications that are copied, opened, renamed, closed. Some names are Randex, Meve, CMJ.

Macro Virus

Usually the virus attacks applications that have macros. Once infected, they can also damage the files, templates of the record. This virus gets shared via email or networks. Some examples are Bablas, Relax and Melissa.A.

Directory Virus

The other names are File System Virus and Cluster Virus. The files once infected, you can never get to know their location. Example is Dir-2 virus.

Polymorphic Virus

This virus has the ability to disguise as a new software in your laptop. Which makes it all the difficult for your antivirus to detect the polymorphic virus. They then create many copies. Example – Satan Bug, Marburg and Tuareg.

FAT Virus

The file allocation desk is a part of your laptop. It can save every statistics about unusable space, available area, file areas and many more. This virus causes damage to the file allocation desk and its existing records. Example – link virus.

Multipartite Virus

They can get replicated in many ways. Their activity depends on the presence of certain documents and running device. Example – Tequila, Invader etc.

Web Scripting Virus

Have you gone through a website, with a brilliant theme and content? It is to create a attractive online presence. This code often gets exploited for unwanted moves. Example – JS.Fortnight.


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