The Running Gear Checklist for Beginners

Running Gear

Your running gear can essentially make or break your success. Now, a veteran knows this all too well but as a beginner, skip one essential item and you’re leaving yourself open to an assortment of unpleasant injuries. So here’s a list of items you’re going to need for a successful run as well as an enjoyable one.


Plenty of beginners are guilty of using those ratty, worn out sneakers to get the job done. This won’t cut it. Using ill-fitted, ill-suited shoes for running is actually one of the leading causes for injury. These deep cuts and blisters don’t heal easily and you often end up having to cut your run short. So for the sake of efficiency, it’s best that you save your time and money and invest in proper, well-cushioned footwear to keep you going.


Go for technical fabrics that will move moisture away from your skin and not stick to you uncomfortably once you sweat. Ideally you would go for nylon t-shirts that feel cool against your skin, and either lightweight shorts or stretchy nylon tights. Tights will also help with chafing for beginners that are looking to lose weight. You also need to remember not to wear anything too tight as this could constrict your movements and of course, you need to be able to breathe when you’re exercising.


Did you know various research studies have linked music to better performance, consistency and training? So in fact, getting your hands on some wireless sport ear buds might be one of the best decisions you could ever make. It’ll help motivate you during your runs and make the experience that much better for you. You’ll find that a good pair of sports headphones doesn’t fall out when you run, isn’t uncomfortable and is tough as well so they don’t get worn out by your training.


You can use a heart rate monitor if you’re looking to be a serious runner. It is strapped to your chest and monitors your heartbeat while exercising. This tool is precisely what you need to know if you are under or over exerting yourself. It helps you find your pace and training intensity level, essentially acting as your electronic Coach.

Sports Watch

Whether you’re a beginner interested in recreational running or looking at a more serious venture, a sports watch could really help you out. They help you keep track of your running time and outline patterns in your training that will help you push yourself and eventually out-run your limits. You don’t need a fancy digitized watch as a beginner since you’ll be using it to measure your running intervals- a simple watch with a start and stop button will do the trick as well.

Nothing about your running gear is a fashion statement. From beginning to end it is all performance-based. So according to your budget pick out items that are high in functionality and comfort. How much you invest in your gear is ultimately your choice but it’s undoubtedly a worthy investment to make.