7 Steps to Getting Your CCNA Certification

CCNA Certification

There can be no denying it: the IT industry is booming. If you have basic IT skills, then it is highly likely you’re going to be able to land yourself a job, as there are very few companies that don’t need help for their IT departments. If you want to get to the upper echelons of the industry, though, certain skill sets are going to set you apart from the competition. Having your CCNA certification, for instance, is going to look great on your resume. There are different places that you can get IT training, but these are the most common steps that are taken in pursuit of that CCNA certification that is so prized by employers.

Brush Up on Your Common Key Skills

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate, and to get the CCNA certification, you’re going to want some basic knowledge of interoffice communication, organizational, and customer service skills. You’ll want to make sure that you’re sharp in all of those areas as you get ready to take the test.

Analytical Skills

There is a section on the test where your analytical skills will be challenged. Therefore, you should be able to problem solve. However, if you have been in IT for a while, then you will know that coming up with creative solutions is expected of you. If you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and some real-world IT experience, you should be fine in this respect.

Familiarity with Industry-Specific Tools

There are tools of the trade for IT just as there are if you were a plumber or a carpenter. Your potential employer somewhere down the line is most likely going to look for your familiarity with Cisco and Microsoft Office Suite. Make sure that you are well versed in both of those.

Entry Level Certification

When you’re ready, you can try to get the entry-level certification which is the precursor to the CCNA certification. Whether and how easily you can get it should be an indication of any areas where you need to improve.

Take the Time to Get Ready

You can take the CCNA certification test whenever you’re feeling up to it. However, in addition to the certification itself, many employers who are trying to fill the plum IT jobs on their staffs will want to see that you have several years of experience in the industry. Some employers won’t be as impressed by the certification if they don’t know that you have several years of applicable, real-world office experience to back it up.

Exam Prep

When you’re getting close to the time that you feel you’re ready for the exam, you can study with textbooks and practice exams that exist for the purpose. There are online courses offered through several different venues, including some that are authorized partners with Cisco.

Take the Exam

When you’re ready, go for it. You will have to head to a test center, and sometimes you’ll need to register as much as six weeks in advance. Take advantage of that time to brush up on all of your skills. Make sure that you have the terminology down, and that you can do such things as LAN switching. If you have what it takes, this is your chance to prove it.

Having some experience and that CCNA certification will look good to an employer who is trying to fill an upper-level IT position in their company. You will feel a rush of accomplishment when you get the certification, but you will likely feel a greater one when you land that prestigious new job.

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1. Proper grasp on the subject

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2. Lack of presentation skill

There are times when students in spite of having proper knowledge of the subject matter couldn’t present it in the manner the university expects. Moreover, different subjects demand different types of presentation that include format, diagrams, images, etc. which appears to be daunting for many students.The lack of all these items might result in getting poor marks.

3. Lack of time

One of the major barriers for most of the students is time. During the entire academic journey, they are faced with multiple challenges which they are expected to overcome. Moreover, one needs to get involved in extra-curricular activities that another essence of academia. The problem arises when they cannot balance everything adeptly and fail miserably in one aspect or the other.

4. The pressure of other subjects

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Why One Need to Take the GMAT Exam?

If one is aspiring to get admission into one of the top Business-schools across the globe, then without thinking twice, he should give the GMAT exam. The GMAT institutes in Hyderabad help the students to get familiar with the exam and why it is necessary to secure a good college. There are several entrance exams to get admission into B-schools but regarding success GMAT exam stands out from other entrance exams. Top business colleges trust the GMAT exam as the criteria for predicting a student’s academic performance in the current graduate management programs.

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Everything you need to know about Lab Technician jobs

lab technician jobs

“What does a medical technician do?” This is the one question which often arises who wants to make a professional career through this field. So, whoever finds experimenting with different blood and tissue fascinating are apt for medical technician jobs. The very basic function of a technician is to perform laboratory tests and procedures which in result are beneficial for the doctors to detect diseases easily. These professionals use different instruments like a microscope, computer or cell counters while doing tests. Medical technicians can be either find in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies or in medical centers.

Educational qualifications required:

  • A candidate must hold a bachelor degree in biology, chemistry or in the relevant field
  • They must complete a high school diploma and an accredited medical lab tech associate degree or certificate program is mandatory
  • Prior and practical experience in the related field is preferable. If you have worked as an assistant under the guidance of lab technician also increases your chances of getting hired

Duties and responsibilities of a technician:

  1. Prepare specimen of blood or fluids of different patients for testing
  2. Label and analyses the samples accordingly
  3. Must ensure the safety of all chemical substances, fluids and compressed gases
  4. Strictly follow the safety guidelines and maintain a clean and orderly environment
  5. Maintain notebooks, preparing orders and invoices and documenting procedures are some of the administrative tasks of the technician
  6. Keep the information of each patient confidential

Qualities and skills required to be a good medical technician:

  • Problem-solving skills:   In this job, a candidate needs to keep an eye on the patients and makes sure that everything is fine. For this job, you should have analytical and problem-solving skills and take immediate measures to resolve them. And if you lack those skills, then you can develop them by focusing on them as much as possible.

  • Attention to details:   It is very important for a technician to pay attention to the minute details like performing tests and preparation of the samples. You should have a good eye and exact measurement for the tests. Safety precautions are taken care of while handling the chemical substances and gases. If you are lacking behind in this skill, it might cause harm to patients.

  • Technical Skills:  They need to understand the complexity of working in the hospitals. It connects to the numerous lives and it is essential for the technician to have proper knowledge of lab machinery and computer programs. They arrange samples, label them and then stored the data in computers.

  • Excellent Communication Skills:    Being a technician in an organization, you may have to communicate with patients and their respective families face to face. So, it is necessary to have the effective communication to land this one. So, keep working on this skill as it is very important for both the parties to understand each other.

  • Multi-tasking Skills:   When you work in an organization, you will have to manage several tasks on a day-to-day basis. They work for long hours on their feet and often in inflexible timings. This is where your multi-tasking ability will work for you. By developing your stamina you will be able to overcome this hurdle and attend as many patients you want.

The demand for the lab technician jobs is on the rise among the job seekers. The above whole description will definitely help you land a good job in this field. If you have required skills to become a technician then start preparing for the interview. Upload your resume to the leading job portal i.e., Monster India and grab your opportunity.