How to start the gym – One of the Most Profitable Businesses

How to start the gym

In recent years the madness for gyms has grown with great momentum, this is because many people have become aware of the benefits of physical activity and having a healthy life. In addition, science continues to give many reasons, which motivate people to perform exercises on a regular basis, which is why setting up a gym has become an excellent profitable business.

So today we will talk about how to put a gym, and what to keep in mind to avoid making mistakes in the business. Whether planning the location, routines, machinery, etc. The good thing about this business is that you can also add other activities such as Crossfit, boxing or other activity.

Starting a gym business can be an excellent lucrative idea. This is as long as it is mounted in an area of ​​medium or high resources. It has been proven that families of medium or high resources are the most abundant in gyms, because they have more time and are the most concerned about leading a healthy life.

Starting A Gym

Gym Profitable Business

Now, we will start planning our business, as I always say you have to have things clear when starting a business. In this way we will make sure that the money we will invest will give us some reward.


As with all profitable businesses, you have to find a good location to ride, and for your gym business this is a very important point. At this point you have to make sure you find a good place, which is the most accessible for people and where there is enough traffic. For example, a place near schools, shopping centers, etc. are usually excellent, because it is visible to everyone.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the place where you are going to start this business is as big as possible, remember that the machinery of a gym occupy a lot of place. The best location will be a double-story building or a residential location. That yes, the bigger the place, the more money it will cost.

Gym equipment

Gym equipmentThe gym is a business that requires many teams, although to begin with, you can incorporate the most basic ones and add the ones that are missing. Many of these equipment are usually expensive due to their magnitude. The ideal is to visit some gyms in the area to see what types of equipment they have and make a decision based on it. In this way you will be doing market research, and based on the information you can compete with them, either offering more training equipment or offering a lower price.

All gyms are based on some equipment such as treadmills, bicycles, dumbbells, leg machines, etc. If you do not have the possibility to buy new equipment, you can start buying the used machines, in this way it will cost you 50% less.

Machinery needed to start:

  • Running treadmill.
  • Bikes.
  • Dumbbells.
  • Back machine.
  • Benches (to exercise chest, triceps).
  • Bars, discs and mats.
  • Machine for quadriceps.
  • Bench for biceps.
  • Multi-station machine.


In addition to having good equipment, a good gym must have an excellent staff. For your business you will need qualified people to manage your business, such as coaches and nutritionists. Remember that your staff will be the main ones in training and advising all your clients. In a gym, clients usually have a specific goal, such as losing weight, gaining muscle or simply keeping fit. Therefore, your staff will have to be able to adapt to each request of your clients.

Other things that should be clear is that your staff must be experienced and know how to train. You will also need a person who is in charge of the gym, which is responsible for talking to future customers and existing ones.

Business seasons

All the gyms have different seasons, where the low season is usually in the middle of winter and the high season in spring, summer and autumn. Depending on your area, you must adapt the gym hours, most gyms are usually open 16 hours a day and others are 24 hours. It will be best for you to inspect how your business is running and to make decisions about schedules.

Another important aspect for your business, is that it offers different packs. In other words, offer a price for the monthly, quarterly and annual fee. By offering low prices for the one-year fee, you can see benefits more quickly.

Health and security

This is a very important point, because in a gym there are many things to be injured, either a machine without maintenance or a customer who drops a dumbbell. Therefore, you must maintain all the machines of the gym regularly, because a maintenance-free equipment can fail and cause injuries. Also your staff should explain to your clients how to handle each item or machinery of your gym. Once you have taken care of the safety measures, you should also take a look at the hygiene, so the ideal is to disinfect all the machines weekly. Remember that many people will use them, where in each training they will leave sweat.

It is also necessary (although optional) to have facilities for your clients to take a shower after doing the exercises.


• High demand.


• It can be expensive to start 
• In winter the flow of people usually decreases.

Is Gym Business Profitable?

It is certainly a very profitable business, but sometimes getting customers for a gym costs a lot at first. But providing a good service, offering music, TV, refreshments and good atmosphere can capture customers quickly.

How Much Is The Minimum Investment To Start A Gym?

Well the truth is that to build a gym you need good capital to invest, where a new machine is usually around 1,000 euros and to have a gym with good equipment you need about 10 machines + all kinds of accessories. So when adding machinery costs, place to assemble and spare, at least cost between 15,000 and 20,000 euros to have a fairly complete gym. Also, as I said before, if the used machines are purchased, the investment cost can be reduced by half.